Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baking The Blues Away

It's been a while since I blathered here, and I offer my apologies.  I've been busy, trying to get everything sorted out for Christmas here - gifts to buy and packages to mail, and various and sundry other errands to take care of.

Had some bad news tonight - not surprising bad news, but confirmation of something I'd been expecting, so I'm feeling down.  Tomorrow, I'm going to do something about it.

I'm going to bake bread.  No mixer, I'm going to burn out my frustration by kneading the dough by hand.  It's too cold and rainy to exercise, and I don't go for that anyway, so it'll be a day of clearing my head of anything except the dough and the very next step I have to take.

That'll do the trick, I think.  If not, well, I have wine.


  1. If worst comes to worst you can always, gasp, "exercise". Yes. I said it.

    If you want to call a near stranger and treat him like a bar tender, let me know.

  2. Not sure exactly what the bad news is, but I hope it gets better. If it doesn't get better I hope it's character-buildi....fuck that, gimme some wine.

  3. Kirk - yeah, too cold and rainy out for exercise, plus I'm the Responsible Adult home with the kids today. Also, I can have a glass of wine while I knead. The authorities frown on folk sipping a nice cab while they stroll down the street, sad to say. And I appreciate the offer, but I do have a therapist, so I'm covered there.

    Marvin - Yeah, it was something I pretty much knew already, I just got closure on it.

    Eh. 3 weeks and my homemade wine will be ready to drink. THEN YOU WILL SEE THE POWER OF THIS FULLY OPERATIONAL BOTTLE OF MAALBEC/SHIRAZ.