Monday, February 6, 2012

Fear Not...

As most of you are aware, I start a new job today.  Almost 4 years after being laid off, I have a job that I think I'll really like at a homebrew supply store, a job with real career potential.

Here what I will do:

  • Keep blogging
  • Come up with more interesting/entertaining things to do with cooking
  • Tell some more stories
  • Maybe do a couple of contests/giveaways
What I won't do:
  • Write about work
Looking forward to the new gig, and the new possibilities it's opening for me.  Thank you to everyone for reading so far, and welcome to any new readers out there.

As a by-the-way, I racked my Reisling yesterday, and set a block of proto-cheddar out to dry preparatory to banding it in cheesecloth.  The Reisling gets bottled in 2 weeks, and the cheddar will need to age 3-6 months.  

Good times.

And, hey, good eating.

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