Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wine Verdict: Tasty!

Before Thanksgiving, I was given one of Winexpert's kits - a Chilean Malbec/Shiraz blend.  Because I'm a forgetful doofus, I neglected to take photos of the winemaking process, or the wine as it aged.*

The instructions for the kit were easy to follow - simple and concise, with helpful pictures along the way and clear descriptions of the equipment/tools I'd need.  I bottled the wine before Christmas, and in a fit of overconfident bravado, proceeded to gift my friends and neighbors with bottles, along with instructions to wait until the middle of January.

Last night, we had dinner with my In-Laws (Hi, Norm & Sue!) and cracked open a bottle with dinner.  It was good - strong & bold, but not too oaky.  It was so good, in fact, we all had another bottle.  I've got a few bottles left, and I'm going to try and age those a bit longer to see how the flavor improves.

My Riesling is ticking along nicely, and should be bottled by the middle of February.

Can't recommend the Winexpert kits enough - they're easy to use, and serve as a good kit for a novice, and based on discussions with the guys at Austin Homebrew, they're just as rewarding for intermediate and expert winemakers.

Cautionary note:  winemaking, like brewing, is addictive, and can lead to a near-unstoppable desire to buy ALL THE EQUIPMENT.  Pace yourself, and buy the basics first, then gradually upgrade.  Your Friendly Local Homebrewing Store can help you select a starter kit (many have them already preselected) and recommend the best kits/additions.


* - This evening, I might open another bottle and get some photos of the wine in a glass.  I'll add them in when I get them.

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