Friday, January 20, 2012

Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend

Got a busy weekend planned - I'm racking my second batch of wine (Reisling) and making some cheese (Caerphilly). In progress is a gallon of mead, made using this recipe. I got my hands on several 1-gallon glass jugs from some good local friends, and since 1 gallon is cheaper to make in terms of ingredients than 5 gallons, I'm starting small. Next up is mango-habanero mead, I think. It'll be several months before I know if it's drinkable, so look for a Vikings! Quaffing! Mead! post sometime in late spring or early summer.

According to my calendar, the wine I started around Thanksgiving is ready to drink now, though it will taste better the more it ages. If I gave you a bottle in a fit of misplaced generosity, you can drink it today.

Last weekend, I made a batch of mozzarella, which I then put on a pizza, and there was much nommage. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the process. Someone out there, remind me to get pics of cheesemaking this weekend.

That's what I got going on right now.  Lots of busy-work, lots of little projects to keep my mind busy.  You guys got any big projects coming up?


  1. Although I am notorious for reviling mead (it's made from bee-vomit), I'll be very interested in how yours turns out.