Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Thinky Thoughts Post

I'm still finding my feet on the blog, and sorting out my voice. I'm partly running off of feedback I get, and partly making it up as I go along. Let me know what works for you, and what doesn't.

That said, I'm moving into winter mode. I'm planning lots of soups for the menu, and looking forward to Thanksgiving, and the pies that come with it. More homemade bread, as well - I'm trying out some new cooking methods, including baking the loaves in cast iron skillets, and trying some inclusions, like cheese and baked garlic. Or dried fruit.

I've done some homebrewing in the past, and yesterday, I picked up (thanks to some friends that really want me to do it) the equipment necessary to make wine at home.  Thanks, guys!  I've got a kit for a malbec shiraz and a reisling, and will start with the shiraz.  I'll post photos of the process, for them as are interested.

Also, I bought some local blackberries at the grocery store today, along with pectin and the rest of the stuff I'll need to render those into some freezer jam.  My peach and strawberry jams were hits at home and in the neighborhood, so I have high hopes for the blackberries.  Photos of that process will be posted as well.

I've got some thoughts about school lunches and Halloween to post, as soon as I get them sorted out.


  1. All these ideas sound good to me! I'll happily read such posts. *g*

  2. I want to hear your thoughts on school lunches. What are your feelings on the device used to transport lunch to school?
    I am a user of the grocery store plastic bag as a lunch container. I have been know to use brown paper bags, not the full size. Should I invest in a real lunch box or is that overkill?

  3. I've got a post working on school lunches. As far as lunch-from-home, use what you're happy with to carry it. When I worked (briefly) at the University here in Austin, I had this lunchbox. I've recycled grocery bags, and used classic brown paper too. Find something you like, and stick with it until you don't like it any more.