Friday, October 21, 2011

Well, Here I Am

I created this blog sometime in the last year or so, thinking that in my (ha!) copious free time, I could maybe do a little writing devoted to food, cooking and feeding people things that you hope they'll enjoy.

Now, finally, I'm forcing myself to set aside a wee bit of time to actually do that writing.

So, here I go.

Like most Americans, like most people in the First World, I've had a ridiculously complicated relationship with food. In most of the world, and for most of history, food was... food. You ate it, and didn't starve, or you didn't eat it, and you starved. Here and now, though, we find ourselves dithering over what kind of food to eat, the ethics of how it's grown/caught/processed, wondering if such-and-so is bad for us, or if eating that little thing there right now and today will make up for the bag of potato chips we wolfed down the other night after everyone else in the house went to bed.  And other things.  We invest our food with near-magical properties: oranges fight colds, celery scours our colons, fried food will kill you deader than a dead thing.

For a long time, I didn't have room in all that to just simply enjoy food, to anticipate it as I cook it, to savor it as I eat it, to remember it fondly once I'm done.

And that, I've discovered, is what I'm after with food.  It's more than just something to keep me alive as I run from a hungry hyena.  I love food, good food.  I don't eat as much as I used to, but I still prefer a good helping on my plate, if possible.  I love at least something of almost every national cuisine.  I'll try just about anything once, twice if I'm drunk.

This blog, it's going to be about me and food.  Some rambling philosophicalities like this, some stories, some recipes, some restaurant reviews.  I'll probably dive into beer, wine and spirits.  I'll try to update at least once a week, more often if interesting things happen to me, or I have a recipe to brag about.  Watch this space.

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