Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Holidays Are Getting Closer... AND LEON'S GETTING LAAAARGER

No offense to any of my readers named Leon.

We're heading into the home stretch for Winter holidays - Halloween Monday, then Thanksgiving (for us folks in the US), then Christmas and New Year's.  I'm looking forward to all of them, especially Thanksgiving, because I loves me some turkey, yes.

We'll be here in Austin for Turkey Day, probably with the In-Laws, and then the day after Thanksgiving, it's our annual Potluck/Turkey Carcass Soup Leftoverpalooza, where we invite everyone we know to empty their fridge of leftovers and come over for pie and homemade soup.

Christmas will be in Georgia, with my parents, then we should be back home in time for our usual New Year's Eve - deciding about 10 PM or so that "it's midnight somewhere in the world, let's have a glass of champagne and get some sleep".  Yeah, we live wild and free, baby.

You folks got your plans made yet?

Next post:  Soup, stock and a couple of recipes for it.


  1. This will be the first Thanksgiving that my daughter and her husband have had off work together since they met! So Thanksgiving dinner is at their house....with help! And someone was kind enough to switch days with me so that I can be there! Yay! Christmas is also at her house, with my husband cooking - and this year I am off that day too! WOW! I will work NYE but have NY Day off (all 3 holidays?? Unheard of!!) So will get home from work about 8PM - we will have our traditional fondues, drink our champagne and try to sty awake till midnight - be in bed at midnight-oh-one! And make our NY Day dinner the next day....